Tour Dash- Google approved Business View Add-on

Official reseller of Tour Dash for local business

We are able to offer Tour Dash for all businesses that have had or planning to have a Google Business Views 360° virtual tour of the inside of their business. As you will know it is possible to embed the virtual tour directly into your website and showcase the inside of the shop, restaurant hotel or office to your visitors. Tour Dash dramatically increases the usefulness to customers and to businesses by adding some fantastic features to your virtual tour. You can add fast navigation buttons that will allow visitors to move quickly to another room or another part of the tour. You can add information popups about the business or about key products and tell clients about new dishes on the menu, technical specification of your products or add prices to give customers all they need to make a purchase. Add a telephone number or a link to your online shop and you will be increasing sales in no time. You can even add video or digital catalogues that will open up and play in the tour. Add auto rotation too and you have an amazing marketing tool that your customers can use to virtually shop or experience the best your business has to offer. Try the example below and see if you can find all the information hotspots. To help you out see the YouTube video in Body Geometry Fit room.

Contact us at Staffordshire Business Photos to find out more about this revolutionary new product in partnership and approved by Google.


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