How To Improve Engagement On Google+

Using Google+ effectively in business.

In the last 18 months or so the growth in users of Google+ has been dramatic and many have been predicting that it is set to rocket any day soon. You may even have been to a Google Juice bar or other business seminar and been told that use of this to market your business is a no brainer. There is little doubt in my mind that Google+ is a more effective, feature rich and frankly th best social media platform there is topromote your business. However there is a problem. We have been conditioned to think that Facebook or Twitter is where the action is. There are more people there we think, more activity, and more potential customers. Besides Google+ is complicated. I think both arguments are wrong for lots of reasons but for the time being I will help with the latter. Here is a quick infographic that will help you post better in Google+. Developed by my friends at  this is a very useful guide to folow.


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