Google+ new features launched

Show Communities and Run Polls

For many of us Google+ is the social media platform of choice and this is particularly important for many business owners. Google continues to develop Google+ and adds new features regularly. The latest two are worth sharing, one largely cosmetic but the other could be at least a lot of fun but at best really useful for business owners.


The first feature is that of adding communities you have joined to your profile view. Its not set by default so you need to select the option to do this but once enabled visitors will see a list of all the community groups you are a part of and can join too.



The second and in my opinion the most useful is that of Polls. You can now run polls on your Google+ page. A greta feature to survey customers or followers. Do you prefer menu 1 or menu 2?
Even add many more choices- Which party will you vote for in General Election?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4

Run some polls on your site and let me know how you get on.

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