What is Google Business Views?

Google Business Views was previously Google Business Photos and is a Streetview style 360° virtual tours of the inside of your business. Google recently introduced Google My Business which makes getting a tour very easy. It also demonstrates how important Google is to your business.

A Business Views tour has many great features and benefits but essentially opens up the inside of your business to customers virtually so you are open even when you are closed. Popular with hotels, guest houses, restaurants and shops the tour is just as suitable for universities, offices, sports and music events.

The tours are only available from accredited Google Trusted Photographers, like us, and agencies and you can be sure of the very best service

There are plenty of samples on this site including the new Tour Dash add-on that adds elegant new features to your Google tour such as fast navigation, information pop-ups, and video and catalogue pop-ups. All the tours are easily embedded into your website and lets customers interact and move around the shop at their own pace-unlike a video.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how does having a tour affect search ranking. Well the answer is that it might but it depends. As with all ranking factors it is complex and can be influenced by many things. The mere presence of a tour on a Google+ business page is unlikely to make a significant difference. But when coupled with other activity can be a useful addition to a comprehensive marketing approach.

We have a number of packages available and offer the the complete digital marketing service for local and small business. Call us on 01782374446 for a free no obligation survey.

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