Google My Business- Instant Page Verification

New Business Page Verification via Webmaster Tools

Good news has emerged overnight from Google and Your Business HQ in that you can now verify and claim ownership of your Google+ business page instantly if the website for the business is already verified in Webmaster Tools accounts.

Not all business categories are eligible although its not clear which ones are included or excluded. Its also not available it seems to completely new listings so only seems to work where there is a listing but it hasn’t yet been claimed by the owner. In the UK that is still a huge number despite there being major benefits in doing so. We still find companies spending money on website SEO and miss this simple and free benefit to promoting their business in Search etc.

So another great method of verifying your listing. As a reminder as Google Trusted Photographers we also have a speed verification service for businesses having a Google Business Views 360° virtual tour. We can often get the listing verified in hours and not the usual few weeks. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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