Adobe announces Creative Cloud 2014

So what do you think of the new Adobe Creative Cloud update?
So for anyone on the creative industries we all got a big old update to the Creative Cloud suite yesterday. Launched yesterday in New York to much fanfare and Apple style presentation it was all quite slick apart form the streaming and microphone problems. But what about the actual announcements?

Well Adobe states its the biggest update since CS6. Well the first thing to notice is that the update installs a completely new version of the desktop apps alongside the existing versions. No doubt means some work to reinstall custom plugins etc and I know have every version of Photoshop since CS3 so space is a bit of a worry.

The desktop apps get some interesting new stuff with some nice blurring tools, I love the new content-aware feature for colour matching and focus masks. The big news however is the mobile apps and also the photographers CC subscription.

Lightroom for mobile is now on the iPhone and there is a host of new free IOS apps for drawing. A new pen and ruler hardware device looks cool but probably unnecessary. The photographers subscription gives you Lightroom 5, Photoshop and the mobile apps for £8.28 per month.

I know the subscription for CC is controversial but I have been with it since the start and love it. I have the full version so its great todo stuff I don’t normally do and experiment. Got a few days of testing the updates ahead of me. If you have it enjoy and let me know how you get on.

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